Easier than ever.

We know content is king when it comes to intranet success and that’s why Balkan Partners LLC has been designed to give content owners total control and flexibility over content delivery, zero technical experience necessary. A rich feature set of content management tools empower your content owners to design, create and push content that delivers real engagement. Drag, drop, preview, target – it’s that simple.

Features including ownership assignment, approval workflows, content targeting and automated publishing come together to deliver the smoothest editor experience, allowing your content managers to focus on what matters: producing quality content for their demanding audiences.

Create Amazing Content Fast

Content types with simple templates result in consistent and expertly designed content every time. Through the innovative grid and widget system, stand-alone pages or even entire sites can be designed with total flexibility for maximum impact.

Run Captivating Campaigns With Ease

If you need to drive user engagement, promote a new initiative, or simply catch your users’ attention, Balkan Partner’s employee experience platform will ensure your messages reach the right audience.

Deliver Critical Messaging With the Broadcast Center

The Broadcast Center is a vital communications tool for sending out email newsletters and cross-device web and push notifications, letting you deliver essential messages and crisis communications to users in real-time across any channel.

Publish Any Content in Any Language

Where necessary, you can also choose to manually translate content to ensure word-perfect translations for your business-critical content. Platform specific labels are all translated through our central dictionary service, ensuring every user journey is exceptional and nothing is ever lost in translation.

Create New Content Types on the Fly

Adapt your information architecture to suit your requirements and create new and exciting digital content on demand. With intuitive content type definitions, the possibilities are endless. Create new content types in a matter of minutes, and then easily tailor the design and layout to deliver the perfect user experience.

Design Web Forms and Workflows

Gather information, support registration and streamline business processes with ease using Balkan Partners digital forms and simple automated workflows. Forms are mobile-friendly, so users can fill them out on-the-go, encouraging action and increasing response rates. Workflows can automate the notification of new responses and support approval processes, notifying named individuals or specific mailboxes by email.