Balkan Partners LLC consulting research intelligence for restructuring and turnaround strategies.

We design our offerings to provide support across multiple corporate divisions and help them manage change, capitalize on opportunities, improve operational efficiency, optimize costs, and increase agility and responsiveness in today’s ever-changing global business environment. We also help consulting and professional services firms to conduct proprietary and specialized research to answer questions that demonstrate the strategy element, critical problems, and conundrums faced by corporate clients for sustainable business.

Turbulent market dynamics have exposed many business vulnerabilities and presented unprecedented challenges to firms globally. Companies have, thus, been actively seeking focused consultancy services in areas such as restructuring, turnaround management, bankruptcy, insolvency, asset recovery and M&A advisory.

Demand for turnaround consultants is expected to grow as robust businesses seek to evaluate opportunities to buy ‘sick’ companies, while companies in distressed situations look for expertise to right-size their businesses and prepare for growth.

Consultancies are, thus, required to quickly transform complex situations into business opportunities and closely monitor new trends in consumer behaviour, government interventions, industry structures, market positions, etc. to steer clients successfully.

  • carry out research and data collection to understand the organisation.
  • conduct analysis.
  • interview the client’s employees, management team and other stakeholders.
  • run focus groups and facilitate workshops.
  • prepare business proposals and presentations.

Benefits and Impact

Balkan Partners LLC helps consultants build these capabilities to cater to the rise in demand. Our research services, which support the entire spectrum of restructuring and turnaround activities and provide end-to-end support, help niche consultants bolster their capabilities, by injecting flexibility into their current consulting ecosystem.